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I have worked in the Practical FX studios such as Steve Johnson’s Edgefx, Stan Winston Studios, Rick Backer’s Cinnovation, Greg Canoms Drak Studios, Quantum Creations FX, Iron Head Studios and Spectral Motion. On many films from Bicentenial man, Blade2, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,Where the Wild Things Are, Spiderman 2&3, Fantastic4, Hellboy2, Hulk2, X-Men last stand, Van Helsing, and much more.

For the past 5 years I joined the Costume Union working on Films such as Thor 1&2, Green Lantern, Oblivion, Man of Steel, Star Trek 2, Gi Joe Retaliation, Enders Game.

I’ve now also published a book with Design Studio Press called Metamorfx art of Constantine Sekeris. Check out the book here.

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